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We can bring the car wash to your fleet base!
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One Thorough Wash

Weekly Wash


Once a week wash that keeps your car shiny for your daily commute.


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Fortnightly Wash


Don’t travel that much? A once in two week’s wash should do the trick.


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From RM18/WASH

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Eco Friendly Car Wash


Every drop of Water is Precious.

Total water saved from each wash till now!

244,807 Liters



Convenience at your doorstep


At home, at the office or having fun? Let us come and pamper your car.

Your time is precious, spend it on people and things that matter.

High quality shampoo and wax


We only use premium quality eco-friendly shampoo.

Your car only deserves the best protection.

Trained professional detailers


Our detailers are extensively trained to provide the best quality cleaning and care for your car.

All 1L Car Wash detailers are screened, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. Plus, we don’t take your keys. Nothing to worry

1L Assurance


A combination of good quality products, detailing techniques and use of dirt & grit trapping mechanism, we clean your cars without damage.

1L Car Wash are effective for 95% of dirty cars. If you went for an adventurous getaway, you’ll need a traditional regular wash. If there’s something we can improve on, just drop us a note here.

Saving Water, Saving Earth


As our brand 1L Car Wash implies, we can clean a sedan sized car with as little as 1 liter of water. A regular car wash waste about 150 liters of water per car.

With 1L Car Wash, you have saved the equivalent of 75 days’ worth of drinking water for a child in rural Malaysia.

Each Wash, Brings Clean Water to a Child


1 in 10 people live without access to clean drinking water. 1L Car Wash is a social enterprise that strongly believes that access to clean drinking water is the most basic human rights. Every subscription from you, allows 1L Car Wash to sponsor clean water supply projects.

Charity whilst washing car? We say, YES, you can make a difference!

1L Car Wash for your Business


Rental Cars Company? Fleet Managers?
We specialise in on-site high-quality, reliable & efficient fleet cleaning services. Ask us how we can help maintain your fleet?

1L Car Wash
Fleet Management Services

Co-organise an event or party with your business?
Let us bring the car wash to your guests!!

1L Car Wash

Our locations


Putrajaya Sentral Park & Ride, Putrajaya

Presint 4 – Lingkaran Gemilang 1, Putrajaya

MAGIC, Cyberjaya

Skytech Tower 1, Cyberjaya

MKN Embassy Multi-Level Car Park, Cyberjaya

Not in your desired location yet?

Worry not, drop us a note here to be the first to know when we get there AND, get one free wash on us!

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About Us


1L Car Wash is inspired by car lovers that enjoy looking at a car and going WOW for its clean and shiny look!! For most city dwellers, your car goes everywhere with you and everyone sees your car. A clean shiny car will make the very first impression even before you speak to someone. But we know, maintaining your car can be a hassle with your busy schedule either to drive and wait at the car wash or even to do it yourself. This inspired us to Bring The Car Wash to You! Whilst we bring convenience to your doorstep, through your subscriptions, we can do more good by enriching people’s lives and saving our precious and LIMITED water resource. Many of our detailers are trained underserved youth from MySkills Foundation. We take a personal responsibility to enrich their lives with soft skills and entrepreneurial skills throughout our business operations whilst receiving training to be professional detailer. 1L Car Wash is a Social Enterprise – Saving Water & Changing Lives. Book a Wash in supporting us to make the world an even better place to live.



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